The Workers’ Party, which runs Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC), has resolved more areas of non-compliance with the Town Councils Act according to its auditing firm KPMG.

AHTC resolved 5 sticking points on the issue of related party transactions. This means AHTC has made progress on 8 out of the 17 audit points flagged out by the same auditor in April last year.

36 control failures have also been fully addressed, 13 more than in KPMG’s December report.

KPMG’s latest report was released by AHTC on its website yesterday.

The audit points resolved were: incomplete disclosure of transactions in the financial statements; waiver of open tenders and competitive quotations for services; and lack of disclosures, due diligence and assessment of potential conflicts of interest prior to awarding contracts to the related parties.

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