i am a member of this particular ec group on facebook. recently, there was a recall of electrical stoves by electrolux and a channel 8 news reporter came here to interview some of the residents.

the news was shared on the facebook group and shockingly, some residents made insensitive comments which i think is detrimental to the harmony of this small community. what does the person mean by #ahtiongagain and he even urged the authorities to review citizenship just cos what the chinese national said what she wanted to say during the interview?

people really need to be more open minded and not just care about the prices of their beloved properties.

the link to the article is here:

and screenshots are as attached. this is not the first time such comments came up on the group.

i hope that people can be more tolerant to one another and not ostracize a particular group of nationality or race. there are good chinese nationals and bad ones, this applies to singaporeans as well.

A.S.S. Contributor

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