Many transport operators are employing foreign drivers because of daft Singaporeans not wanting to work as one and since the last decade, we have seen a huge increase in drivers from Indochina, PRC, India and Bangladesh and I propose the authorities to look into more thorough training for these foreign drivers as they are spending many hours on the roads.

Firstly, we have to be confident that they are as confident and as familiar as our local drivers and no one knows how they obtained their licenses back in their country. So I propose that once they are employed as drivers, they have to take at least 15 theory lessons, more driving and practical tests, and only if they pass the mock driving test then they can take the real driving test. And after which give them a mandatory driving orientation for a month in all sorts of vehicle, and they have to pass the driving orientation before they are allowed to drive.

Secondly, impose an expory date on their driving license, those with no demerit points will have to go through driving training courses again every 2 years to be able to drive again. Those with less than 12 demerit points have to go for training every year and those with more than 12 but less than 24 demerit points will have to go through all driving tests and training every 3 months.

I hope the authorities will seriously consider this as it will definitely boost the confidence level of foreign heavy vehicle drivers and at the same time ensure that they can drive safely.

A.S.S. Contributor

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