A collaborative project between Singapore embassy officials in Laos and their government officials has produced a translated copy of LKY’s “From Third World to First”. (CNA’s “Translated copy of Lee Kuan Yew’s From Third World to First launches in Laos”)

Although LKY has been dead for almost 2 years, his propaganda lives on. According to Teo Ser Luck, MOS for MOM, the book could serve as a “useful reference for Laos as the country develops”. Teo must have been joking.

What’s there to learn from a leader who had:
– used undemocratic means such as jailing political opponents to prevent dissent
– controlled the mainstream media and used it for PAP’s propaganda
– used citizens’ retirement savings to develop GLCs but paid savers low returns
– confiscated part of CPF returns for reinvestment/supplement the budget
– suka suka tweak/implement legislations to entrench PAP’s power?

The results after 5 decades:
– chronic retirement inadequacy
– unaffordable public housing
– brain drain
– a docile population requiring instructions for very simple issues
– citizens replaced by foreigners
– country with one of the highest income disparity

If the Laos Government does exactly what LKY had done, the outcome will likely be similar. How does this benefit the Laos people? Singapore is a first world country only in name, a playground for the wealthy.

LKY was also a horrible person whose knuckle duster landed on anyone with dissenting views. Till his death he was a coward because he did not have any courage to apologise to his victims.

Foreign leaders are probably just paying lip service to PAP’s propaganda and laughing behind our backs. Foreign companies seeking to do business in our country have no choice but to also suck up to PAP.

As the PAP propaganda machine continues to be dismantled by the internet, it’s only a matter of time before the truth on LKY’s misdeeds emerges.

By that time, LKY’s books will probably be consigned to … rubbish bins.

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