4th January 2017, CDG suffered a network breakdown resulting taxi drivers unable to log in to bid for jobs as well as receiving cashless payment terminal.
Due to this technical failure, taxi drivers are crying for help! This had greatly affecting their income.

Finally, after a week of consultation with NTA, CDG finally in a historical move, giving rental rebate of $15 – $55 to those affected drivers. For once, NTA should be given credit for this historical movement.

Back to the saga, CDG although had given rebates to the affected drivers, their actions seem to be desired! On the media, CDG had told the media that around 100 taxis are affected. Who are they trying to tell? A server down, only slightly more than a hundred taxi down? Is CDG thinking that all drivers and commuters are kids? More likely, it affected thousands of taxi.

Latest media report, CDG said they have closed to zero% of taxis in the garage! Are they kidding? Therefore, media reporting from CDG needs to improve in order to gain the confident of the drivers and the public.

Next, a public listed company, with the experienced IT personnel working round the clock, how come something is missing from the setup and nobody raises this important issue?

The issue is, how come there isn’t any backup server at all? It’s either the company trying to save cost or the IT professional in the company ought to be sack!
Currently, CDG hold the largest taxi fleet in Singapore. In the future, it might not be No 1 anymore based on how ill prepared they are, slow to change and refused to listen to their drivers’ cries!

Back to the drivers.

Comfort drivers seem to lost their basic instinct of being a taxi driver. The primary duty is to pick up commuters that comes along the way. Taking a call booking is secondary. Without call booking, don’t tell us, CDG drivers cannot drive their taxi?

Remember, CDG call booking marketshare dropped from a high of more 90% to less than 50% just in one year duration. There are third party apps that you can apply for backup, namely Grabtaxi and Ubertaxi.

Driving a CDG taxi, is no more a privilege. It is just another taxi company. Without CDG, drivers might be better off bringing better income home due to lower rental and better call booking alternative.

Other taxi companies like Prime Taxi, offer cashless payment ( Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB, NETS & NETS flashpay) with prompt payment back to your bank account.

Therefore, without CDG, taxi drivers still are able to survive. Don’t hold ransom by the company. They have no loyalty for you, taxi drivers. Lastly, taxi operators started to reduce rental to assist the impact of poor business and fierce competition. Only comfort didn’t lay a helping hand to their old partner, their drivers!

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