Dear Editors,

I hope that the authorities will look into banning the use of China made vehicles especially their trucks and buses. These vehicles don’t last and are often problematic that some countries have actually banned the import of China vehicles.

I actually believed that the bus crashed at Pioneer Road North on Thursday was caused by a sudden brake failure that will make the bus go uncontrollable. Reason bring is that I have driven for Japanese, continental and China buses before and the worse one will be the China one.

Without prejudice, these China vehicles were made through cutting corners and because they use undurable parts, they are able to sell the vehicles at a much cheaper rate. They claimed to be made using UK’s Cummins engine and Mercedes brakes and clutch in the promotion flyer, but I can tell you, you’re tricked by them. They were actually made using the same China parts which were not conformed to European and Japanese standard.

And it breaks down, it’s extremely hard to repair so much so that the moment you try to repair it, even a professional Mechanic will tell you to prepare for another problem again. And they claim to make spare parts specially for a certain China brand like Kinglong, but I can tell you, from Kinglong to Hengthong, they are using the same parts, no better at all, these China people were make and sell the parts overseas at a higher price to earn ridiculously high profits. And the more it breaks down, the more they earn.

I appliaud the authorities in Indonesia be uses they have recently banned China buses on their roads as they often cause accidents or breakdowns. I have seen many of such MIC vehicles breaking down and crashing in Malaysia, Thailand and now Singapore, so it’s time for our authorities to put a complete ban on China vehicles in Singapore before it’s too late. FYI, before 2006, Singapore had minimal heavy vehicle crashing as those were the days where China made vehicles weren’t dominant.

A.S.S. Contributor

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