You may have read about the accident that occurred on Saturday (December 24th) when a bus fell off the North-South Expressway near Muar in Johor. You care read more about it here.

Yesterday, the principal of Meridian Primary Secondary School called on the Meridian Secondary School community to help raise funds for Muhd Hilmi Bin Mohd Syed from Sec 5A3.

While we may not be part of the Meridian Secondary School community, as fellow human beings, we would like to send our prayers and raise funds for Hilmi and his family in this difficult times so that they don’t have to worry about medical expenses and long period of medical treatment that will likely follow for recovery.

We will be closing the fundraising drive in two week’s time on 25th January and will be passing the funds collected to Hilmi’s family. The funds donated via this fundraising page will be sent to the bank account of Hilmi’s father and we will show the proof of the transfer.

The fundraising drive is initiated by and we do not take any fees from the donations raised via our website. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please reach out to us at [email protected]. Thanks for your kind support.

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