Hi A.S.S. Editor

I recently loss my job at an American company that decided to return back to America and operate from there.

I am a mid-40s man, with a normal Singapore family size of a wife and three school-going kids. I was earning quite comfortably to get through life in Singapore without having to worry about my family’s financial stability every month. Now that i had been retrenched, i was given a sum of money as compensation, that will probably get through my family for the next four months.

But after that, I am worried. How am I and my family going to survive? I have been applying for jobs, but it seems like companies in Singapore only want to higher younger people. What about people like me? Those in their fourties, too early to think about retirement, but deemed too old for companies that are actively looking for hires. Am I destined to become a Grab / Uber / Taxi driver? It seems like this is the only job that I am wanted for at the moment. All my years of experience and my paper qualifications down the drain, because I am in my 40’s?

Chen H M

A.S.S. Contributor

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