In a TV interview, a Chinese official has already confirmed that China will not return our 9 Terrexes.

According to him, Singapore has not given satisfactory answers on the following issues: (

China – not Hong Kong – wants to know how sensitive military equipment were not declared and Hong Kong’s laws not observed.

China wants Singapore to recognise the ‘One-China’ policy. Till now, we have only heard biased MSM reporting and do not know what really transpired between APL and Chinese officials.

More important to the Chinese is Singapore’s adherence to the ‘One-China’ policy which we have been only paying lip service for decades.

According to the same official, China was already pissed 4 decades ago when PAP decided to conduct military traning in Taiwan. But because China was weak then and Singapore had the support of the US, there was nothing China do.

Today, China is vastly different from decades earlier and it has decided enough is enough from our little red dot. However, PAP elites continue to live in the past as if the world has stopped evolving.

In an insult to China, Minister Vivian even claimed that our longstanding relationship withTaiwan does not affect our adherence to the ‘One-China’ policy.

Does China even care about our longstanding relahionships with any country? Vivian doesn’t seem to have realised that China is now demanding our adherence to the “One-China” policy in deeds, not words.

Our little red dot is caught between a rock and a hard place and the government has already made it very clear that we will continue military triaining in Taiwan.

The PAP government should therefore be upfront and not continue to feed Singaporeans propaganda via MSM because this is not honest politics.

PAP should come straight to the point and tell Singaporeans that we can actually kiss our Terrexes goodbye.

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