Dear ASS Editors,

I’m resident of Enuos Vista which located at Bedok Reservoir Road for more than 28 years and I’ve been living peaceful life in my estate but this dream are damaged 3 years ago which i had super inconsiderate upper neighbor been doing hacking, hammering, filing, throwing metal spare parts on their floor which my house ceiling any time any where. Yes, any time any where including middle of night such as between 1am to 11am.

Am sure that once a while, we will hear our neighbors knocking walls, moving stuff or doing some drilling works at one time or another. And we all learn to live with it, as the inconvenience will only last for a day or two. But what if you have an upper neighbor who treats their house like a factory or warehouse for their CCTV business (XXX Pte. Ltd) for more than 3 years?

Complained to HDB, they refer me to mediation so we attended, both of us made an agreement which if me or my family heard any loud nuisance sound/noise we would call/sms them but sadly they chose to ignore my/my family sms, replied that the noise doesn’t belong to them. Neverless there’s no improvement and the nuisance getting worst so I’ve to approached my MP and MP wrote a few letters to HDB officers to help me and my family, at the end HDB officers is not doing their job as in they would just told me that they will contact me as soon as possible but at the end of days HDB officers resign or transfer to another office.

Till to-date, no one is getting back to me on this issue or they told me they can’t find any evidence base on what i’m saying. Any idea how to stop them from doing their “own business” at such hours which everyoneis sleeping but me and my family are being torturing by this for 3 years.

*** Updated***

Inconsiderate neighbors been hammering at 4.34am which woke me up and i couldn’t sleep at all. I wish any government sectors or lawyers would give me some advice on this matter. Thank you for reading and apologize for broken English.

J L (Frustrated Eunos Resident)
A.S.S. Contributor

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