After a reader reported on racist remarks that were spoken on a radio show hosted by KISS 92 DJs Maddy, Jason and Arnold on their morning show, netizens have flooded the radio program’s and Mediacorp’s Facebook and feedback channels to express their unhappiness.

The flood of negative publicity has forced KISS 92’s Maddy Barber, who was responsible for the racist remark to issue an apology on KISS 92 Facebook page.

“Dear Kiss92 listeners and fans – Some of you who heard our segment this morning on the sleep survey results, and some who may have heard about it from other sources, have taken offence at how it was discussed on our morning show. On behalf of the team I’d like to apologise for this. It was not our intention to hurt or belittle anyone or any race. Most of us on the show, including me, come from a multi racial family, and a tolerant society has always been what we stand for on the show. I can understand how, when parts of what was said are taken out of the full context of the repartee among us DJs, they can be misconstrued to mean something we never intended. Again, we sincerely apologise for any offence taken and want to assure our listeners that we all want to work to become a tolerant and cohesive society. Maddy”

However, Maddy’s apology has not been well received by minorities and other netizens who took offence with her remarks on air. Several have accused Maddy of offering a half-hearted apology. They felt that Maddy’s apology seem to suggest that the complainants were being petty and had taken things out of context.

One netizen, Swapna Abilash, summarized everyone’s unhappiness with one comment:

“Hi, I didn’t hear the actual segment, but some quick notes on the apology:

1. If you don’t think what you did was wrong, don’t apologize. Apologizing for “offense taken” makes the person who was offended look/feel like they were being petty.

2. It’s perfectly cool to think you did no wrong. But in a soft accusation of “misconstruing” and taking things out of context, it’ll be really helpful if you could include what the intended context was, so it doesn’t seem like a cop out. Explaining how it was taken out of context would help those who were offended to reflect.

3. Just because you stand for tolerance and come from a diverse background, it doesn’t at all mean that you’re incapable of insensitivity. It’s probably unintended, and we all make mistakes, but taking responsibility for ignorance is really important, because it shows a willingness to improve.

Once again, I’m speaking based on what I’ve heard has happened and the apology itself, and am not trying to talk about what’s happened, but how it’s handled.”

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