Over 90% of poly graduates employed within 6 months, better than 2015

I refer to the article “Over 90% of poly graduates in 2016 employed within six months, better than 2015” (Straits Times, Jan 12).

56% secured full-time permanent employment

It states that “About 56 per cent of these respondents had secured full-time permanent employment, and 34.8 per cent were on part-time, temporary or freelance employment.”

In last year’s Graduate Employment Survey – 57.9 per cent secured full-time permanent employment.

This year’s result is a decrease from last year’s 57.9 to 56.0 per cent now.

Full-time employment dropped fro 75.3% (2007) to 56.0%?

Compared to 2007’s 75.3, 2010’s 68.5 and 2013’s 62.7 per cent – it has been declining almost yearly from 75.3 per cent in 2007 to 56.0 per cent now.

Why is this so?

10% unemployed?

With regard to “About 90 per cent of the respondents in the labour force – those who were working, or not working but actively looking and available for work – had found employment” – does it mean that about 10 per cent couldn’t find any employment (full-time or part-time) at all?

“Most” means?

In respect of “Most of those who were on part-time, temporary or freelance employment were pursuing or about to begin further studies” – what does “most” mean – 51, 60, 90 per cent?

Salary increased from $1,800 (2008) to $2,200?

As to “The overall median gross monthly salary for fresh graduates and post-NS graduates in full-time permanent employment was $2,200 in 2016 – similar to that from 2015” – compared to 2008’s $1,800 – it has increased by about 22.2 per cent ($2,200 divided by $1,800) in the last eight years or so.

Real salary decreased -2.7% last 8 years?

However, since inflation from 2007 (CPI 79.65) to 2015 (CPI 99.46) was about 24.9 per cent – does it mean that real salaries have decreased by about -2.7 per cent (24.9 – 22.2) in the last eight years or so?

Leong Sze Hian

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