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“AIA insurance agent cut into my lane and break immediately during heavy rain.

This damage want to claim me $1,500?

I asked her to go down to my garage to fix she refuse. even offered $300 cash on top of repairs to compensate for her waste of time. Instead Call me go down to her garage at sin ming (ordinary workshop, not Toyota direct workshop). Messaged her when i was otw and she even ask me to call the mechanic when i reach. Sending me the mechanic namecard.

Travelled from Tampines to Sin Ming.

When i reached , this lady and her vehicle is not even there. And when i ask the mechanic he say he dunno anything. But when i called her, she say the other counter staff quote $1,500.

After that i ask her to talk to the mechanic using my phone. The mechanic say tomorrow then settle since the lady and her vehicle is not here.

After that she do not even want to answer phonecall or reply message.

Please help to share and beware of such unethical insurance agents. Agreed to privately settle but no show. Wasted trip down to the mechanic for nothing. Police Report made but they say they can only monitor, Email written to head in AIA but they say its a private matter beyond their means,

Less than 1 year Toyota (COE), repair cost $1,500 unbelievable

The next day she replies my message saying that she will visit the hospital as she has pain in the neck and shoulder due to the impact.

Wants to claim liabilities now.

Update: After the insurance company assessment. She has successfull claimed $8,600 with just a few months turnaround.



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