The PAP government has offered its unsolicited advice to foreign politicians on how to win at elections.

At a conference organised by PAP’s LKY School of Public Policy, DPM Tharman pinned the blame on politics being not honest and highlighted flaws of other governments except ….. PAP. His simplistic arguments naturally got netizens’ toes laughing.

But why shouldn’t Trump be the next US president or Brexit not have occurred? Should Americans and the British people decide what’s best for themselves or PAP?

Tharman: “Politics that is honest, that tells people what’s what, that offers them hope because there are real solutions…”

But PAP never told Singaporeans what’s what and LKY had already made this very clear when he said “never mind what the people think”. Was LKY engaging in dishonest politics when all policies were decided by a handful of politicians?

The PAP government is the most opaque government second to North Korea, requiring huge doses of daily propaganda to mask its incompetence. PAP elites were never given the boot for their failure but posted to other government agencies at taxpayers’ expense, many getting a higher pay package subsequently. Is this honest politics?

Weren’t politicians dishonest when they tried to cover up their gaffes by insisting that almost every citizen misunderstood them?

Does PAP practise honest politics when all PAP MPs are not interested in issues pertaining to transparency and accountability in Parliament?

Tharman seems to have taken the honesty joke too far.

Honest politics is not telling Singaporeans that our investments by Temasek and GIC have recovered after a crisis because we held on to them and somehow managed to invest near market lows – without disclosure of material information.

If PAP wants to instill confidence in Singaporeans, it should also disclose all the investments near market highs in 2007 and 2008. It should not be afraid to let the people know the number of investments that have gone pock kai, are deeply submerged or recovered and earning good returns.

A government which is not jiak liao bee need not hit foreign politicians below the belt to elevate their own standing. Foreign politicians know their electorate better and.are more intelligent than our book smart scholars.

If DPM Tharman is really eat finish too free, he should spend more time with his constituents as domestic chronic issues are worsening by the day.

A non transparent and unaccountable government definitely needs this lecture. The LKYSPP should organise another conference specifically targetted at PAP members.

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