I am so upset with my colleague today. She was so very upset that a lady had made a mess in the toilet at our office in Sunshine Plaza with her menses and went to write on the mirror with a marker (see photo).

Her name is Helen. Even more bad when she is committing a national crime of vandalism. How can a person write on the mirror?

When the guard question her, she have the cheek to say it was not her. Actually, she admitted to my colleagues and tell them not to say she did the writing on the mirror. I heard it in my room and keep quiet. I am unhappy how someone can do such a thing. She can always tell the person nicely or put a note instead of vandalising the mirror to make her point heard.

This action is unacceptable and I am writing here to vent out my frustration on my inability to speak up at that moment as I was very afraid she will scold me.

I had asked a lady who was using the toilet to help me take a photo of the vandalism work that she had done.

Such inconsiderate people should be banned from Singapore.

A.S.S. Contributor

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