Dear Editors,

Malaysian police now targeting Singapore vehicles who travel into Malaysia and stopping us for alleged traffic offences. When I asked for proof, they just told me to pay up and not ask so much.

I asked them to show me photo evidence of my speeding vehicle at the very least. As you know vehicular criminal gangs are rampant in Malaysia and the use of cloned carplates are common. My carplate may have been cloned and caught for speeding. The sure way to confirm the speeding offence is a photo of my vehicle being caught for speeding.

They threatened to confiscate my car if I did not obey their orders and pay up. This felt more like extortion without proof rather than an enforcement action. These malaysian traffic police are just thugs trying to pull a fast one on innocent Singapore drivers. With no proof they can demand you to pay money and you have no choice because you are in their territory.

I checked online for outstanding summons but there was no record at all, now they suddenly cook up speeding offences and want me to pay? This is blatant targeting of Singapore drivers. Malaysia police need to show proof or it is just plain extortion of money. Singapore drivers better beware!

Mohamad Shaiful
A.S.S. Contributor

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