Local radio station Kiss 92FM is under flak after its morning radio djs Maddy, Jason and Arnold made racially insensitive remarks which stereotyped minorities in Singapore. Netizens were outraged at what they perceived as Chinese privilege in Singapore even though one of the radio djs involved is caucasian.

The comments were made when the DJs expressed surprised at the latest sleep report claiming that most Chinese Singaporeans got enough sleep whereas minorities get less sleep. The DJs opined that Malays and Indian Singaporeans get less sleep because they were raised to have fun and party.

Netizens did not take their comments lightly and many have written in to complain about that inappropriate segment. The radio station Kiss 92 has yet to respond to these accusations.

Facebook post by Atiq:

“Actual drivel I heard on Kiss 92FM this morning:

“Apparently it’s the Chinese that get the adequate number of hours of sleep! You’d think that we get less because we’ve been raised to work hard, have all our lives planned out, but no!”

“You know why Malays and Indians get less sleep? It’s because they’ve been raised to have fun, party-”

And that’s when I switched stations.”

When asked by netizens who were the DJs responsible for these insensitive statements, this was the reply:

“92 fm, Maddy jason and Arnold. Esso Singapore is also supporting the morning show today”

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