From faulty and malfunctioning lifts to sewage pipes bursting to cracks in BTO flats, HDB and PAP town councils have seen it all, despite claims of estates under the PAP being well-managed in the MND’s annual Town Council Management Report.

The latest mishap to occur in yet another PAP-run ward took place last week when the toilet ceiling of a flat in Blk 141 on Yishun Ring Road crumbled, raining debris on its unfortunate 80-year old occupant, Mr Wong.

According to Mr Wong’s daughter, the blocks of flats along that street are all over 30 years old. In 2002, after purchasing the unit, she had asked HDB when would the Home Improvement Programme be rolled out in the ward.

The HDB replied to her that they were unable to confirm a fixed schedule due to the large number of flats to be upgraded. Readers will recall that after the Worker’s Party won Aljunied GRC, the PAP Grassroots leader Calvin Teo wrote a very public letter which he circulated among residents questioning why AHPETC had not put up 53 residential blocks in Kaki Bukit for upgrading, implying that AHPETC did not care about residents.

His letter was published and broadcasted widely by the PAP-controlled MSM in the typical megaphone politicking style of the PAP.

So now coming to this case, why isn’t the PAP Grassroots up-in-arms against the PAP Town Council and its MP Shanmugam for neglecting the wards?

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