Former WP MP for Hougang Yaw Shin Leong was supposed to be next in line to head the Workers’ Party after current Secretary-General Low Thia Khiang’s tenure.

However, his political career was cut short after his extra-marital affair was exposed.

Now, Yaw is living it up in Myanmar with the name, “Amos Rao”.

“Rao” is supposedly the hanyu pinyin spelling of Yaw’s Chinese name.

The 40-year-old is now a senior vice-president of private education provide Shenton Co in Myanmar.

He is also the general manager of 3 subsidiary firms there, including Temasek International College, which offers degrees and diplomas in business and hospitality.

On his LinkedIn profile, Yaw indicated that he spends 2 months out of a year in Singapore and the remainder in Myanmar.

Yaw, or “Rao”, has refused to comment on his past, saying he is now a private citizen and deserves his “private space”.

He was expelled by the WP in Feb 2012 following his affair, and reportedly left Singapore with his wife a day after that, before news of the affair was made public.

According to his Facebook account, he was in Zhengzhou China, before moving on to Myanmar.

Yaw won in Hougang with 64.8 per cent of the vote in GE 2011, bettering his mentor Low’s result in the 2006.

His extra-marital affair is one of several in recent years involving politicians to be exposed.

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