It was reported that a female tour guide was confronted by a group of Singaporean holiday-makers on the last day of a 7 day 6 night tour of Gold Coast in Australia. The tour guide allegedly collected additional payment for activities on the tour. The scuffle was so bad, airport security had to get involved.

The group consisted of 5 families with a total of 24 persons in the tour. Each individual had forked out S$1700 for the tour.

Members of the tour group gave examples of the guide’s dishonesty. For example, the tour group was told that they had to pay $30 to take photos with a bunch of koalas. It was a “1 photo, 2 persons” only thing. Later on, the group realised that the photo session costs $22 per person and there were no restrictions on the number of photos that could be taken.

According to a tour member, she said that the tour guide told them that they were paying the lowest price.

Subsequently, the group was told that they had to pay $69 each for a helicopter ride. However, the group realised that the cost of the ride was already included in the tour package i.e. they should not have to make an additional payment for it! Only then did the tour guide then backed down on the “extra $69 fee” after a tour group member showed her the itinerary.

The tour guide also charged $100 for a fireflies tour when it was $90. She also charged the group $290 for a hot air balloon ride when it was $250.

When confronted, the tour guide eventually confessed that she had been pocketing the extra payments and she agreed to return the money.

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