In an article published by the lapdog sheet, the Straits Times, today, PAP lapdog Calvin Cheng who thinks being a “former NMP” (a tag which he likes to brandish around as if it is a big deal) entitles him to respect, called on the PAP to implement the Population White Paper.

He argued that the PAP has solved many of the problems that caused it to suffer an electoral setback in 2011 and has regained the people’s trust.
For instance, he cites the public transport front as having seen progress with measures put in place to correct its “deficiencies”.

Like the typical PAP lapdog, Calvin Cheng’s arguments betray an “Ivory Tower” syndrome and show a severe lack of empathy for the real situation on the ground.

One only has to take the NEL during the morning and evening peak hours to know that the public transport capacity is already maximised even taking into account more train trips added.

The video taken this morning shows you the typical situation at one of the NEL stations before Serangoon. This state of chronic overcrowding exists despite;

1. SBS claiming to have added 40 train trips daily since the beginning of January 2017.

2. Trains already arriving at 2-min frequency.

And we are not even taking to account new condos springing up from Sengkang to Serangoon and the massive upcoming Bidadari regional hub that will pour more peak hour crowd into the NEL.

Suffice to say: our public transport is already maxed out.

One can argue that buses may be reinstated to share the load of the trains but where are you going the find the drivers? Didn’t the new bus operator Go Ahead report a difficulty in hiring?

So to Calvin Cheng and his ilk, come down from your Ivory Tower and experience what it is really like to live in the big squeeze that the common man on the street has to put up with every day.

Don’t posit meaningless academic arguments that serve no one’s interest but only boost your own standing among your PAP masters.
So here’s a bone, Calvin. Go! Woof!

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