Security sector struggles to secure talent

I refer to the article “Long hours, thankless job: Singapore’s security sector struggles to secure talent” (Channel NewsAsia, Jan 10).

More than half are S’poreans

It states that “In total, there are about 7,000 APOs, with more than half being Singaporeans“.

What is more than half – 51, 60, 70 per cent?

How many of the Singaporean APOs are new citizens?

“Auxiliary Police Officer” wages “not available”?

I searched for “Auxiliary Police Officer” in the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) Benchmarking Occupational Wages tool – and the result is “This occupation is not available for benchmarking as we will only release data with sufficient coverage”.

Since there are 7,500 APOs and more than half are Singaporeans – why is it missing in the MOM Benchmarking Occupational Wages tool?

Basic salary $2,500, gross salary $3,200? 

According to the web site of one of the two largest security companies employing APOs – the guaranteed basic salary and gross salary of Auxiliary Police Officers (Armed) is $2,550 and up to $3,200 (*terms and conditions apply), respectively.

“Does not compute”?

Since the typical working hours are 12 hours a day for six days a week – how is it possible that the gross salary is only up to $3,200?

In this connection, according to the New Paper (Oct 25, 2016) – “The pay package of APOs was adjusted in June this year to be even more competitive in the market”.

Recruit in Taiwan – Can’t find Malaysians – RM9,989 salary?

As to “Since 2011, APFs have managed to expand their pool of Singaporean APOs by only 250, falling short of the demand for APOs which is projected to exceed 600 over the next few years, according to a police spokesman. Citing difficulties in attracting locals and recruiting qualified Malaysians, Certis CISCO and AETOS have recently said they are looking to Taiwan to fill their vacancies” – do you find it hard to believe that it is getting so difficult to recruit Malaysians, when the gross salary is up to $3,200 (RM9,989) a month, that they have to go to Taiwan to recruit?

Malaysians paid less?

Are Malaysian recruits being paid less?

Are existing Malaysians being paid even less, when they first joined?



Leong Sze Hian

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