A very good afternoon to you. I am a volunteer along with a few friends, rendering assistance to ex-house cats in Dakota Crescent whom have been abandoned/left behind when their ex-owners moved out. As the estate is slated to be demolished, the area is extremely unsafe with heavy furniture and all kinds of rubbish thrown around. Many of these left-behind pet cats have been seeking refuge in piles of rubbish, empty cupboards or houses, subjected to potential starvation, accidents and injuries. Workers have been enthusiastically clearing out these furniture pieces using large bins and movers. These hiding pets risk being thrown away along with the furniture.

Our group has been visiting the estate and to date, relocated 4 of these ex-home cats to safety. On top of this, we are also working with some ex-residents of the area to provide food to these cats in the interim, while we put the rescued ones up for adoption so that there is boarding space to relocate more of them to safety.

If ASS could, we hope to get the word out and have more members of the public stepping forward to join us in our effort to help these left-behind pet cats, humanely. We hope to call for adopters and fosters, and individuals who are able and willing to assist in the cause through various ways. A community comprises not just its human residents, but home pets or community animals too. We hope the same level of compassion can be extended to these ex-pets. Through this effort, we also hope to highlight the importance of responsible pet ownership. It is never right or humane to leave behind a defenceless pet to fend for itself under such conditions.

Below is a Facebook page our group maintains. We invite viewers to check us out and support the initiative.

Thank you.

Pei Ying
A.S.S Contributor

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