Electrolux has extended the options available to customers affected by the 6 January 2017 product recall. These will now include either a cheque in exchange (SGD700 or SGD800 depending on product model) or a product replacement*, following customers’ feedback. A goodwill gesture of SGD100 voucher will also be given to customers as a token of our appreciation for their patience through this product recall.

This revision is extended to all affected customers including those who we have already been in touch with since 6 January 2017.

At Electrolux, we pride ourselves on our strong health and safety credentials. As a precautionary measure, we voluntarily extend the product recall to include the following FLEXI Glass Gas Hobs that run on town gas – EGT9038CKP and EGT8028CKP.

Electrolux reiterates that this is not a case of product defect as the product models are certified and compliant.
Consumers who have purchased any of the six glass gas hob models, (EGT9637CKP, EGT7637EGP, EGT7637CKP, EGT7627CKP, EGT9038CKP, EGT8028CKP), which run on town gas can:

Email [email protected]
Contact the Electrolux Customer Service Hotline at 6727 3613 or 6727 3699 or
Submit contact details via www.electrolux.com.sg

They should provide their contact details, product model and purchase information if available, and indicate their preference. We have extended the operating hours of the Customer Service Hotline during this recall period (Monday – Sunday: 9am – 5pm).

Customers will receive SGD700 for the EGT7637CKP, EGT7637EGP, EGT7627CKP or EGT8028CKP models, and SGD800 for the EGT9637CKP or EGT9038CKP.

Electrolux is meeting with property developers to establish the most efficient solution for consumers who have bought apartments with kitchens fitted with any of the affected product models. Consumers can also contact Electrolux directly.

The product dimensions of all six models are now available online for the convenience of users looking for similar-sized hobs: www.electrolux.com.sg/Electrolux-Cooker-Hob

We are currently contacting customers who have registered their warranty details with us.

Electrolux extends its sincere apologies and is working with the utmost consideration and urgency towards a positive resolution for all affected customers.

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