Dear ASS Editors,

I am posting this in respect to the unpleaasnt ordeal recently with tokio marine and also hope this post will serve as a reminder and alert those who has got intention to purchase travel insurance from tokio marine in future .

My husband and I got travelled to San Francisco for our holiday trip last month and some mishap happened. We did our shopping spree at their premium outlet from noon till evening , left all shopping items at rear boot of our rented car and drove off for dinner . Upon returning to our car after dinner,found the rear window smashed and all shopping items stolen away. Police report was made right-after. I was thinking to myself luckily we bought travel insurance prior to the trip.

I purchased a single trip from Sompo for myself and an annual premium travel insurance from tokio marine for my husband. We submitted a claim upon reaching Singapore and I got my claim from Sompo with no question ask. My friend who was traveling with us received her claims from AIG promptly too. One month later my husband received a rejection letter by tokio marine stating they are not compensating a single cent to my husband . The reason is due to the clause that they ONLY cover motor vehicles”

Robbery/burglary during DAYLIGHT, and because our thief incident happened around 7-11 pm, they will not honour the claim.I am amused with this special clause which I feel is the most ridiculous things I have ever heard of. We feel absolutely indignant and angst. For those who has decided or intend to purchase travel insurance from tokio marine , please pray that theive and robbery better don’t happen to you after sunset else you will not be covered at all.

Good luck I do hope this post will highlight the illogical clause that most people are unaware of and reconsider your decision before purchase. Also a reminder to read on the contract carefully without assuming logic and rational exist. My husband and I once had good impression of tokio marine. This particular incident is a disappointment . I am reaching out to Singapore seen to catch the awareness of more consumer and prevent the same mishap from happening to them.

Ye Huifen
A.S.S. Contributor

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