PAP Minister Yaacob Ibrahim has excluded himself from the upcoming presidential election which is reserved for Malay candidates only.

In an interview with Berita Minggu published yesterday, the current cabinet minister for Communications and Information said he prefers to do policy work and would not run.

“I like to do policy work because it affects people’s lives,” said Dr Yaacob, who is also Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs.

Commentators had touted Dr Yaacob, 61, as a potential candidate for an election that is slated to take place by August. He is one of several Malay individuals who meet the eligibility criteria based on public sector experience.

In November 2016, parliament passed a bill mandating changes to the Constitution that would ensure a president from a minority race is elected from time to time. However, critics of the bill argue that the changes are meant to disqualify political opponents from the election.

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