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Received a call earlier in the morning from Transcab on 3rd January 2017, this operator was more responsible than the other 2 whom I spoke to 3 days ago. He specifically asked for landmarks where I board and alight. XiangRui called me less than 10 minutes later to tell me that he as located the driver, Mr Mark, and he has my laptop! Hooray!

Met Mr Mark to retrieve my laptop. I asked him if they (XiangRui and Mr Mark) would get any recognition or appreciation from the company if I wrote in to compliment them. Mr Mark sadly replied me saying that there is no point in writing the letter, as their company does not bother. It broke me as XiangRui
and Mr Mark has gone the extra mile to do their job and help passengers.

XiangRui made the effort to do a GPS search on the drivers and Mr Mark has kept my laptop secured. They are responsible and professional is their work which should be appreciated by their company. I can only pray for them that their company would do something for people like them.

A.S.S. Contributor

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