When they first comes, they took the low income job and you thinks its does not affect you!
Some old folks affected!

Then they took the drivers job, again you thinks it wont matters.
Some less educated folks affected!

Again they proceed to service line,
Once again, you claims local too proud and lazy to work.
You wanted someone to serve you while you sit and relax!
More folks affected!

Now they taking over office jobs, you feel pressure rising while big boss claims you not hardworking enough and demand too high salaries!
Moving on they taking taxi jobs, save a few penny on your pockets and you hurray on it!
Many folks income affected and you thinks it does not matter you!
Think hard again!

So many job replaced by ftrash and they too take a cut on everything on the markets!
Taxi industry belongs to locals as you too will grow old!

Try drive 10hours and see you take home 30$ profit and see your family suffer with you while the rest of the local standby and hurray on their pocket saving!

Old and health not able to permit you to drive longer hours, this is the time where you regrets that you should have stood together and unite with others when they calls for action!
Looking at current situation, how long do you think you can hold on to your job before you get replaced by ftrash and join the taxi which is the last resort for local?

Bus getting hit too? Good, as you stood by and ignored the rest!

Who’s next??

Share and ask more local to join group “Singapore Taxi United”

Lets gather more and do something about this using this platform!
Union and pap not willing to do anything as they are blind by greed!

We need to stand and help ourselves!
Hope all local can help share and stand together!!

Cabby SG
A.S.S. Contributor

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