Dear Editors,

I want this post to go viral and shame SMRT and also make sure LTA punishes SMRT!

SMRT’s training regime has gone down by millions, their bus and taxi Drivers can’t even drive properly! Take a look what’s has happened, just last Friday an SMRT bus rammed into an SBS double decker and the lamp post at Bukit Merah Interchange and just earlier today, another of their bus crashed at Yew Tee!

Oh my goodness, what has happened to SMRT? Should we let Tower Transit take over SMRT’s Buses and taxis? I have taken SMRT buses umpteen times and their drivers really have got bad driving behaviour and attitude! They are also reckless and they will just exit the bus way the moment they signal or somedidn’t even signal at all! They didn’t even check their mirror and blind spot!

SMRT and LTA, is this how your drivers suppose to behave? Even now I find our private buses drivers are more professional than SMRT’s, so LTA, how you going to make sure that SMRT pull up those socks?

A.S.S Contributor

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