I managed to catch this couple just when they were about to get away in a cab. At about 11.55pm last night, they startled my whole family when they summoned me with the help of my loud doorbell.

These 2 strangers, carrying a sleepy toddler came all the way in a cab(different from the one I mentioned above) and at almost midnight too, just to return a wallet which my daughter had dropped about an hour earlier. Of course she was not even aware that her wallet didn’t accompany her home!

When I realised the purpose of their unplanned visit, I was simply stunned and could only say thank you humbly and with great appreciation.

They refused any compensation from me while they bade me farewell with me standing there like a dodo waving my thankful hand.

After a minute or two, I told myself it’s just not right. How can I just let them go like that? So in my boxers and tshirt, I ran downstairs after them but they were nowhere in sight. I whispered a prayer and took the left path and ran towards the main road.

Lo and behold, I saw a yellow taxi by the road with the lady already sitting inside while the gentleman was about to get in. I shouted “Encik, wait!” And ran down the little hill to the cab.

The couple still decline my small token of appreciation but I gave it to the bewildered taxi driver anyway. After explaining to him what had happened, I instructed him to deduct the fare from the amount and give the balance to the couple.

Thank God for sending help in such unexpected manner. Because my daughter is only back for a month she didn’t clear out her UK bank card and other important cards like her ic. Imagine the hassle of having to replace them all?

There are still many nice people around! If you know me, you will know that I would have done the same for anyone too. Now I will continue to do so with more purpose and oomph.

Let’s not lose faith in humanity!

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