I would like to relate to you my feelings of despair and hopelessness going into 2017 as a young Eurasian ITE grad with no clear future in S’pore. I feel you can reflect the sentiments most minorities like myself are experiencing especially when we are not able to converse in Mandarin.

When a fellow Eurasian won the first ever Olympic gold for our nation, we were suddenly thrust into the spotlight for being overachievers despite our very limited resources and mere numbers, I thought things would have changed for the better for our community. But alas, that was not to be!

When I attended our Christmas Welfare Lunch last December, I realized how things were “business as usual”, with even the presents being recycled in bulk year after year. My cousin obtained the same drawing block she did for the last 2 years. I do not know if this has anything to do with Joseph Schooling or other talented Eurasians for that matter, having left for greener pastures. I guess that is the only upside to being Eurasian as we still have a European motherland to return to!

Moving forward, I hope the government will release the desperately required funds to refurbish our rapidly deteriorating building with almost no facilities in it as well as to hire professionals to run our programs and help the needy. We do not even have Eurasian staffs, much less a qualified Social Worker to look into the unique issues plaguing our community.

I hope Mr Leon Pereira of the Workers’ Party can thicken his hide a bit and probe into the affairs of the Association, much like what his colleague, Mr Muhammad Faisal is doing for Mendaki by giving them a voice in Parliament!

Stella Rodrigues
A.S.S. Contributor

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