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When I was working in a Pawnshop, there were these 2 Indian Students (a guy and a girl, both are not related to each other) that came in trying to sell off the Gold necklace and Earring that the girl owned, to get enough money for both of them to buy return tickets home.

After some conversation with them, the girl broke down and began to cry, and told us (me and my colleague) in her limited English, of how they paid a lot of money to a broker in India, for them to come over for further education, and got cheated.

After arriving here, they found that the school they supposed to go, were actually a tuition centre in Jurong East. (She show me the Tuition Centre’s pamplet)

The course that they thought they registered, were actually some silly language classes.

And the worst of all, they said that the hostel that the agent arranged, were some dirty creepy place. (She show me the picture, likely to be a workers dormitory)

They tried to rectify the problem themselves, but was told by the shaddy Tuition Centre that they weren’t able to refund and help, because they were not the one that provide them those false info.

The two were told by the school that if they felt cheated, they’ll have to pursue the matter with the Broker/Agent in India.

So both of them called their Parents, and their parents were totally helpless as there were no way for them to send money to Singapore for the duo to buy Air Ticket and return home.

Without knowing any recourse, they came to me and sell the Gold.

I tried to paid them well for their Gold, and also suggest them to look for the India Embassy for assistance.

Till now, when I remember about this incident, I’ll still wonder to myself, how are they now?

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