Credit: Andrew Loh

Damn. Still no 24-page spread in the Straits Times about the Ang Mo Kio Town Council corruption case. Was hoping to see colour graphs and details about the money, people and contracts involved. Corruption involving the PM’s town council is apparently trivial news, as far as our mainstream media is concerned.

All so-called reporters acting blur, pretending it is an isolated case not worth print space.

“As professional journalists, we do not see ourselves as cheerleaders for any political party. Our aim is simply to report the news dispassionately and objectively, so that our readers can decide for themselves.” – Warren Fernandez, Editor, Straits Times, 2011.

So where is the front page splash on the AMK case, like what the Straits Times generously did for the Workers’ Party case during the by-election in Hougang?

Where is the front page headline which says, “PAP town council face allegations of corruption”, or “CPIB investigating alleged corruption in PM’s town council”?

Mere allegations of “dishonesty” directed at the opposition gets you front page exposure. But actual corruption involving PAP town council gets you…. basically nothing.

What kind of bullshit media is this?

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