The National Transport Workers’ Union learnt of another assault on a bus captain which happened late last night. The assailant, suspected to be drunk during the attack, has been arrested.

The bus captain suffered facial injuries, and he has been taken off duty and given 3 days to rest and recover by SBS Transit. The union is thankful that SBS Transit responded promptly to assist and support the injured bus captain.

Such unprovoked acts of violence cannot be condoned. Our public transport workers are protected under the Protection from Harassment Act. I intend to raise this at the Public Transport Tripartite Committee as we call upon all stakeholders of the public transport industry to come together, to raise awareness against the abuse of our bus captains who work hard to provide commuters a safe ride to their destination.

Let us all join hands to provide our public transport workers with a safer environment to perform their duties to the best of their abilities!


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