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Minister says “nothing will be swept under the carpet” – and then mainstream media do precisely that and sweep his “You are not going to get angels in power all the time” remarks under the carpet.

Very funny leh.

Law Minister Shanmugam’s remarks – “You are not going to get angels in power all the time” – seems to have been removed in the reports by the Straits Times, TODAY and Channelnewsasia.

Why huh?

You can see from Google results that the quote was included in their reports. But they no longer are, if you click on the url links to the reports themselves.

Folks over at SPH-owned Hardware zone forum had captured the ST report before the edit. See here:

So ironic that the minister had just said nothing will be swept under the carpet. Maybe just some over-zealous editor frightened of losing his rice bowl whitewashing what he thought was not very politically convenient for his paymaster?

Then again, all three news outlet sweeping that remark under the carpet..oops.. I mean, editing out that remark at the same time?

Fishy smell in the air.

Looks like we are also not going to get angels in the mainstream media all the time either!

Oh irony!

Oh well, same old same old in the new year.

Back to my reading.

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