The police have been alerted to 5 incidents of vehicles going against the flow of traffic and have so far arrested 1 driver, according a statement released by the Traffic Police.

The five incidents are:

On 28 December 2016 at about 12PM, an 85 year-old man drove against traffic along Bedok North Street 1 towards Bedok North Avenue 3. The driver is assisting with investigations.

On 2 Jan 2017 at about 8.35AM, a 28 year-old man was caught driving along the CTE towards SLE where he lost control of his car and caused it to hit a road divider. The car stopped in the opposite direction of traffic. The driver is also assisting with investigations.

On 5 January 2017 at about 1.26AM, a 30 year-old man drove against the flow of traffic along AYE towards Tuas. His identity was traced through investigations and he was arrested for Reckless or Dangerous Driving under section 64(1) of the Road Traffic Act, Chapter 276.

Also on 5 January at about 12.35PM, a 42 year-old male driver took a wrong turn against the flow of traffic along Cavenagh Road towards Bukit Timah Road. The driver is assisting with investigations.

Investigations are ongoing for a case of a vehicle caught going against traffic along Gateway Drive towards Westgate Shopping Centre on 2 Jan 2017.

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