I read Josephine Teo’s recent Facebook post of her son serving NS with mixed feelings.

On one hand, I am proud that I am part of a system where the young men of our country can come together, regardless of race, and serve the country.

On on the other, I also know that there are certain exceptions to the meaning of “together”. For example, how many of you think this minister’s son will be sent to a lowly position as a regular infantryman whose only job is to chiong sua and listen to orders?

I don’t have to retell the stories of the infamous white horse company made up of sons of the rich and powerful in Singapore. Many NSmen would already know the stories and legends of this company in BMT. For the ladies, go ask your husband or brothers. Will the SAF come clean about how many of its officers are actually white horse in disguise? I don’t think so!

It will be interesting to see where the son of PAP ministers will end up, OCS or a comfortable office position in Mindef hq?

Meantime, I will stay proud that I am regular infantry soldier and that my buddies and I don’t receive any special treatment. We are proud Singaporeans to the end and will die for each other and our families.

Majulah Singapura!

A.S.S. Contributor

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