Seng is a tiny mixed blood boy (74% Chinese, 13% Malay, 10% Indian and 3% others).

By a large margin, he is the smallest kid in the playground where there were many kids who are much bigger than him.

Among the kids who play regularly together with Seng, there was a kid called Malek, a kid called Indah, a kid called Patrick, a kid called Ah Tai, a kid called Vien and a very big kid called Chin An. There are also a number of other kids who seldom play with them.

Malek and Indah, who are very much bigger than Seng, regularly bullied Seng.

Although Chin An was the biggest and very much bigger than all the other kids, he was too sickly, too busy with his own health problems and so he was mostly sitting quietly by himself. People called him 东亚病夫.

Then a big Uncle came along and bossed around at the playground. His name is Sam.

In order to avoid being bullied by other kids, Seng bought a baseball bat and other things from Uncle Sam and took the opportunity to help Uncle Sam maintain law and order at the playground.

Ever since, the other kids dare not bully Seng anymore and there were peace at the playground for a long time because all the kids were afraid that Uncle Sam would put them in place if they were naughty.

Over time, Chin An’s healthy improved over time and he became stronger and stronger. He is now the biggest and strongest kid at the playground by a large margin.

Recently, Chin An starts to become increasingly assertive, physically claiming certain areas of the playground as his exclusive playing area and starts going around bullying some kids.

However, by now, Uncle Sam Uncle Sam has already taken his eyes off the playground and usually watches his porn and plays with himself at home.

If nothing is done, Chin An can be expected to be even more assertive and bully all the other kids regularly.

What should Seng do?

Some of the possibilities include :

1) stand up alone against Chin An

2) gang up together with other kids to stand up against Chin An. (Keepign in mind that even if gang up, they are still much weaker and smaller than Chin An).

3) Go and seek help from Uncle Sam (keeping in mind that Uncle Sam is too busy watching porn and masturbating at home and unlikely to bother unless Chin An bothers Uncle Sam).

4) Do something to make Chin An turns even more aggressive and assertive so that it catches Uncle Sam’s attention and realises that he needs to come and restore some law and order at the playground and restrain Chin An.

5) carry the balls of Chin An, kowtow and kneel before him and tries to be his sidekick.

What else? Which is/are the best option(s)?

A.S.S. Contributor

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