Drink Driving is a serious violation under the laws of Singapore.

The interpretation of “vehicle” is stated clearly. A bicycle isn’t part of it. Many people ride bicycles after drinks. These people are a danger to themselves and to other road users. There isn’t any provision to charge such violators.

However, lately there has been a proliferation of many “motorised” vehicles like battery-operated scooters and bicycles. The riders and their pillions travel at high speed and sometimes dangerously whiz past pedestrians which consists of kids and elderly and frail people.

There have been instances where some nasty accidents have taken place. The fact that such motorised vehicles are NOT insured and are not included in the interpretation of the specific law that governs Drink Driving, etc, victims can face legal problems.

Who was allowed to bring such “vehicles” into Singapore?

Our parliamentarians must act swiftly to implement new additions to the existing regulations and interpretations. That is what they are there for. I appeal through your channel to raise an awareness of such a serious matter so that lawmakers can prioritise these over other less important pursuits like taking selfies and commenting on other redundant and least important matters.

Sukhdev Singh Gill
A.S.S. Contributor

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