Generally is there any better scheme for single who marry a non-citizen spouse under the HDB NCS scheme. It seem the NCS doesn’t work well for single, especially when most of them marry their foreign spouse in their mid-thirties and can only apply 2room BTO and have to wait for at least 3 years before the BTO flat is ready for collection.

Therefore during the 3 years of waiting the BTO flats for completion, couple have to live either with their family members in a constrain flat space with no freedom of space and have to bear the grudges and in between rent a room outside and pay those unnecessary rental fee.

As a Singaporean who is a single and marry a foreign spouse is damn so treated unfair and unjust. Buy a flat have to go through so many ordeal and bear so many grudges throughout in between family, attend SDF course for marriage submit document and get clearance and renew Pass from ICA for spouse, HDB for apply flat & MOM for work and etc.

With so much so done for, as a Singaporean male single who is in my mid-thirties. I feel shame and totally disappointed of what our government has do and done for us. Never spare a thought for us since we single finally get marry a foreign spouse and can start a new family with probably have kid in future but turns out to be have so much restriction and block our path in create a beautiful family life.

Since so many singles in these years had married foreign spouse and the numbers is increasing. Why there is no changes to this and amend towards a better path for the singles who marry foreign spouse.

Isn’t the foreign spouse a human and part of the singapore people and is get trash and tramp by government by their stuipd rule and restriction and have to make difficulty for the Singapore single a hard time. By the time when the single get the BTO 2room flat is about 38~39 and have stay for 5 years MOP till 43~44 before can sell the flat and move on to a bigger flat if have kid during the period of stay in 2 room flat. By then move to a bigger flat, have to incur some much unnecessary fee and pay to government.

To this, can I urge he government please look into this issue and resolve it within a day since so much restriction is unfair to the Singaporean Single who wish to settle down and start a new family with kid. Give a proper treatment like the others Singaporean couple do. Otherwise as a Singaporean citizen is really a non-Singaporean citizen and is treated as a foreigner. If that the case, there is no words to say but shall work and earn more to leave his country for good sake.

Justin Chua
A.S.S. Contributor

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