My name is Reggie and I want to address this unfairness in social media.

These days everyone is complaining about rich drivers driving against traffic, but to me the biggest culprit is not us car owners. It is motorcyclists.

In my estate, I will always encounter groups of motorcyclists who will gather around the HDB block and chit chat, smoke and cause a nuisance. Their motorcycles are parked along the void deck and they will ride dangerously on the pavement and against the traffic flow of the car park when they want to enter or leave the area.

Along the road, I can usually spot motorcyclists riding against the traffic in the small roads.

Why does no one reports about them?

All of those people who are jealous about drivers with better cars, go and grow a pair. We made our money and earn a decent living, why should we be humble and say sorry to you? If I laugh at all of you who drive smaller cars, do you think you will be happy about it? Same logic!

Please don’t discriminate against us car drivers. We will not take shit from anonymous internet trolls so easily.

A.S.S. Contributor

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