Geylang Lorong 16 is a notorious and dangerous part to be in, especially if you are a foreigner with the common habit of taking random photographs of interesting sights and sounds.

One Caucasian tourist found out just how dangerous an innocent photograph could be when he found himself surrounded by angry gangsters and gamblers while taking shots around the infamous make shift gambling dens in Geylang yesterday night.

According to a witness, the Caucasian tourist had walked into the back alley behind Geylang Lorong 16 at about 12AM. Temporary tables had been set up in the alley to accommodate hordes of gamblers, who would usually gather around these tables and make bets on winning hands or numbers.

Sensing the opportunity to take a photo shot, the male Caucasian tourist took out his handphone and snapped a shot. Unfortunately, the phone’s loud snapshot sound attracted the attention of the gangsters and gamblers in the area, who promptly surrounded him in an angry mob.

He was forced to hand over his phone or face a violent beating. Despite his attempts to explain his actions, he was made to hand over his phone while a fierce looking man deleted the photo that he had taken.

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