Any advice on what to do if I got attacked by passenger? So far police set the case as VCH voluntarily causing hurt. Uber Not getting back to me on anything.

Received ping to pick up passenger at Crawford street when arrived at location it’s a bus stop , waited for 2 mins before calling to check where passenger is at ? End up get scolded and he insisted that he pinned the location to kampong Bugis to I apologised and told him that I will make a u-turn over

While making driving over he called again with angry/ sarcastic tone ask me “are you still coming or not ” I told him I was turning in. Right after the call he canceled the trip so I just let it be. As I was already at location I made a 3 point turn to exit kampong Bugis when I notice a Caucasian man approaching my car holding a umbrella , he came to my side of the car and started knocking on my window, I exited the car and he started shouting in my face saying what took you so Long you fucking moron.

Still insisting that he placed pin on the correct location I showed him my Drivers app which stated Crawford street and we started to argue. He then used his elbow to choke me on my car I pushed him away and proceeded to call the police. After calling the police he started to walk away I then shouted asking him to wait for the police and not run away. He replied in a cocky tone ” POLICE ? What are you going to do sue me ? Sue me for what cancelling your uber ride ”

Wah at this moment I really feel like going over and beat the shit out of this fucker . I maintained my cool and Waited for the police luckily they arrived same time as his taxi . After the police spoke to both of us their outcome is just the passenger admitted that he got a little bit excited and attacked me and I have no injury plus for this incident they cannot arrest him. io then called me to go cantonment for statement etc called uber to inform that and they say they will get back to me till now no news.

Please advice guys .

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