Not convince by “government will no longer group civil servants by their education level.” The paper mentality been rooted for decades. Yes, maybe is a good start for those who are jobless to secure a job at the boards. 99.9% will not granted promotion even they are capable at work? Lots of companies with “nice and fair” annual appraisal set up yet how many Singaporeans are being unfair appraise and disclaim by their local and FT managers/colleagues.

Problems does not lies within just the managers, it has much to do with the bad EMPLOYERS aka companies.

Why our government allowing foreign companies to discriminate Singaporeans as
not good enough employees?
There are good and bad employees in all part of the world. Those working in
MNCs is no longer true FTs are getting lower pay than Singaporeans. In fact,
most are paid at least the same including CPF. It is also true, FTs turn
Singaporeans face the same fate of losing their jobs to FTs these days.

Why are our regulations allowing so many FTs in to cause Singaporeans
Why FTs are secure with at least 1 to 2 years permanent positions while
Singaporeans are secure only 6 months job contract and has to fear of jobless
every 6 months?
Are we really at the winnings other than GDP numbers when FTs are sending
most of their earnings back home?
Just because Singaporeans are rooted in SG. Our families and HDB flats are
here, we do not have much to worry about our daily lives? We have much to
worry with our hand to mouth too. Please remember the money we earn stays in
Singapore! Even though we do not contribute through the numbers of the
exchange rate difference compare to those FTs sending their earnings home.

Should government boards start to educate the families of our civil servants
to stop discrimination from within through seminar programs for the servants’
family members?
Personally face discrimination and was cause jobless from disclaim by middle
level civil servants family member in MNCs workplace.

Funds and incentives pumped to MNCs, why are we not enforcing these MNCs to
abide 100% of our MOM regulations, part of TAFEP and increasing Singaporeans
employees numbers to permanent positions?
There are companies out there abusing/boosting their expenditures in order to
convince our boards to provide them the funds. Big greedy companies are even
splitting their registrations of their offices into different companies in
order to obtain more incentives? Managers and directors are allow to extend
their holidays against their business trips expenses which is claim under
their R&D and RISC expenditures. I doubt the govt auditors able to detect
that unless cross check with SG customs on taxes employees declared of the
shopping bulk brought from overseas (provided they are honest enough to
declare). Local management staffs who knew the loopholes to these regulations
are indirectly playing along with the company’s games to their benefits.
Think about how does the employees knew the loopholes so well.

These managers hire and discontinue middle age Singaporeans employees before
the probation with the excuse of not meeting performances with everything
already plan out before the hiring. The not so smart manager informed the
other beloved staff that the newly hire employees will be ask to leave few
months later during the 2nd month after the hiring. Middle age Singaporeans
are hired mid year not knowing they will be dismiss if the company does not
meet the EDB incentives by October. MNCs HR does not provide pay slip and
salary on time according to MOM regulations after the dismissed. Dishonest
companies make all level employees including contractors to sign non
disclosure agreement for fear ex employees will review too much to the govt
after they are dismissed. Many more ugly truths which cannot be review here.
Well managed companies planned and knows their target their earnings even 1
to 5 years ahead. With 6 months ahead and still not able to foresee their
earnings, something is very wrong in a well established MNCs.
EDB, why are we inviting and wanting to pay millions of incentives to
incapable, mismanage and globally annual profit breakeven to payout company
into SG?

MOM never question companies about the numbers of Singaporeans VS the passes
granted after their annual check?
Companies mass hire Singaporeans on 6 months contract from September onwards
and discontinue their due contracts after the annual MOM Employment Pass
checks. Some MNCs already plan to only keep 10% to 20% of those contractors
after the 6 months which means 90 out of 100 will go jobless after which.
Discontinue contract employees are not consider as retrenchment. The “egg
and chicken” matter.
Statistics numbers are average numbers. They do not provide the reality of
what Singaporeans are facing and will be facing tomorrow.

MOE and parents should relook into “Character and Citizenship Education”
We are losing the basic of a person. Younger generation are not being educate
of basic POLITENESS to themselves and others.
Selfless attitudes and correct values not rooted into students since young,
we going to face more people jumping off the blocks in future. The syllabus
are molding their mentality not teaching them the basic. One can be
respectful yet does not mean they are polite. One who does not behave
themselves, they are rude/IMPOLITE to others.
Education causing gaps between generations and cultures has too much of an
impact to a society.

In Singapore, we knew there been a serious discrimination against aging
population at workplace. Middle age working class face sabotage, serious
bully, voice raise and discrimination from the young be it locally or even
foreigners. Raising education qualification and skills, lowering pay demand
does not help these middle to old age citizens. Needless to say worst for
those with low education who cannot afford a decent retirement has to no way
to survive but to pick some cardboards for a living.

Pretty sure our government knows all of the above. Government assisting
citizens. Are they the best help to the root causes on long term? Are we
working hard enough to have a better balance the loose and tighten strings
these days?

A.S.S. Contributor

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