Just want to share my very bad experience with a maid agency. They are located at Lucky Plaza and the owners are foreigners.

In Nov 2015, I hired a domestic helper from them. They were very responsive initially when I engaged their service and presented quite a few biodatas to us within a very short time.

The helper started working for us in Jan 2016 and for 9 days she was learning to prepare cooking ingrediants and hardly doing any housework. Then on the 10th day and to our horror, we caught her in the act of spitting into our soup which she was merely asked to heat up. Obviously, this disturb us very much and the maid agency took her back and she was eventually repatriated back to the Philippines. We later found out from the agency that it is an urban legend in her village that employers will like them better if they were to consume their saliva!

This is just the beginning of a very unpleasant experience with the maid agency.

Many months passed and they could not get us a free replacement maid which was stated in the contract. During this time, they were always sending same biodatas or those which do not meet our requirements. What makes it most frustrating is that we were always chasing them for updates and requesting or interviews.

Then in July, they started to ignore us and even told us to call the candidates on our own.

We have no choice but to approach CASE to hopefully help us resolve the matter and a letter was sent to them. However, they were indifferent and even wrote back that they do not earn any single cent and it is fine for us to take it up with Small Claims Tribunal.

Imagine waiting for so many months having to do the household chores on our own despite our very busy work schedules and also making alternative after school arrangments for my children and then getting such a reply? I would have moved on to another maid agency if I knew that they have no intention to honor their “Free maid replacement within a year” promise.

I have yet to file a claim with Small Claims Tribunal but I would like to warn employers looking for domestic helper to avoid engaging this agency.

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