This is going to be a long rant. Thos burger joint have messed with the wrong person at the wrong time. Here goes my rant. I paid a freaking good $10 for burger meal at BurgerUp (Waterway point) for da man and waited 15mins. Reach home 25mins later. Only to reveal that my burger is lacking mushroom sauce. Its no big deal right?! NO!!! coz this is not the first time rather the 3rd time lacking something additional that i have ordered. First 2 times i give benefit of the doubt. 3rd time i wont tolerate it! (The burger lacked mushroom sauce that i added) went back after reaching home and questioned the people.

I told them its nt the first time but multiple times this happened and i want them to settle this. The people in the joint, most of them stopped work. I supposed i was loud n angry maybe uncalled for some of you might say but i was fuming mad. The counter crew went to the kitchen, an open kitchen and told the person who apparently made the burgers. For goodness sake, its a freaking open kitchen. I CAN HEAR YOU!!! Dont u dare scream at your colleagues before checking your mistake and tink that im fucking deaf!!!!

The worst was when u came out n ‘explained’ to me there was mushroom sauce added and it was inside the tomato. Are you fucking kidding me!!! When i asked to be shown where the mushroom sauce is, i was told it was the brown spot. I said in a sarcastic way: ‘ you must be kidding me, this fucking brown teeny spot is the mushroom sauce (circled in red) and i paid a buck for this miserly spot!!!” The best part was the answer. A big fat YES! And followed by but nvm i added more for u in you burger. SERIOUSLY!!! WTF!!!! Even though u apologised it doesnt douse my fume a tiny bit coz u have a condescending tone to your I’m sorry.

I replied: Dont be coz this is the freaking last time i ever step into this shop! And i stormed off. Then i realised i must have been v loud coz many pple were looking at me including those shopping outside but i was too pissed to care.

I may not be purchasing top of the range gourmet burger but im a paying customer n i dun deserved to be shortchanged when i trusted my burger will be like i ordered.


NEVER BUY TAKEAWAYS! Especially if you are adding extra goodness to your burgers. Unless u are ready to OPEN EVERY BURGER TO FUCKING CHECK IT!

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