I refer to Facebook post by Aqil Alid whose predicament deserves the support of citizens. It is already a struggle for any parent with an autistic child. In this case, his child, Nabil, has almost turned 8 but has not be able to begin formal education.

Although Aqil has approached PAP MP Zaqy Mohamad, he was not even bothered to reply. Zaqy is funded by taxpayers to the tune of $16,000 per month and is obligated to assist his constituents. His bochap attitude is unacceptable.

Although he could not assist his constituent, Zaqy somehow managed to find time to defend Singtel after the once in 50 years line outage on 3 December that lasted 24 hours. Zaqy commended SingTel on its handling of the outage as if he were SingTel’s spokesman.

Zaqy also found time for events such as the BIG Farm Walk and Run but could not even belatedly help Aqil.

What about having some fun?

It’s not as if Zaqy has too little time but he is clearly selective in who he wants to help. Zaqy prefers to focus his attention on government-linked companies like Singtel/participating in events to promote PAP’s propaganda instead of helping an emotionally-drained constituent.

Even if Zaqy could not be personally involved, why didn’t he direct his assistants to render Aqil the much-needed help? Why didn’t Zaqy have any manners/basic courtesy to even reply?

Hmm .. is Zaqy Mohamad a really useless PAP MP?

Netizens could give Aqil some support by highlighting this issue on Zaqy’s FB as I have done.

And it takes only a few seconds to copy and paste a link.

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