A young Foreign Talent has sent us this complaint after encountering an angry Singaporean on his MRT ride to work who scolded him and challenged him to a fight.

Read his post here.

“I am a foreign young employee doing professional job in Singapore.

On 4th January I boarded to train at 8 am and I had a seat on the train.When I was sitting, I was touching at the shoulder of the next sitting person who was sleeping (he is Singaporean) .But I did not know it and also I am very sure it was not hard touching since I am not a fat man. After that, that person waked up looked in to my face and used few bitter words. I did not say any thing to him because there was a mistake by me even I didn’t know and also i don’t want to argue with unknown man in the morning.

After that that man didn’t sleep and continuously looked until I alight from train. When i was ready to stand from my seat he hit me by his leg.Then I asked why? Then he asked me that ahhh are you coming to fight with me? after that I didn’t say any thing and alighted from train since i don’t want to take unnecessary problem in early morning.”

A.S.S. Contributor

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