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News just came out that the government will no longer group civil servants by their education level. Meaning, whether you are degree holder, diploma holder, one with secondary education or primary education as highest level of education, once you are already inside the Civil Service, then you no longer will be tagged to your respective education clusters.

Now, you will be grouped according to your pay scale and the level of experience you have. Good for those who always think they are shortchanged, could not get promoted higher than their education level would allow. But what about those who took up part time studies to get diploma, or degrees? All those nights slaving over books to get to the next level of education qualifications, means now it was just a waste of time? Spent lots of money and effort, last time told it will help you in the long term, but with this new policy change, those who never bothered about improving their education qualification are just laughing at us now.

Good news for career progression, what civil servants have been hoping for all these while, but not so good news for those who had taken up part time studies to move up the career ladder.


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