An elderly woman had her life savings wiped out by a home scam in Johor, all because she was approached by a “property agent” in Malaysia and believed that investing in a property there would bring her additional wealth.

According to the victim, Madam Lim, she was shopping at City Square mall in Johor Bahru, Malaysia 3 years when she was approached by a property agent by the name of Daniel. Daniel introduced a range of housing options to her, and she decided to purchase a home in Malaysia as the agent had promised her that the value would go up in a few years.

Initially, the project looked like it was going smoothly. She soon found out a year later when she checked on the property that construction had been stalled for months as the Malaysian contractor had gone bankrupt.

Many months later, despite the chasing of creditors and investors, the property agent’s company also went bankrupt and disappeared with all of Mdm Lim’s hard earned money.

Mdm Lim says that she now has no savings to rely on and lives hand to mouth every day, wondering if the next pay check will be enough for her expenses.

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